Enjoy eating Japanese food while you are in Japan.

We can deliver our foods anywhere in Japan.
All foods are made by certified and qualified chef.
We offer the best, reliable Muslim food.

Favorite foods and characteristic for overseas visitors

Popular menu

Halal Kobe Beef, Tempura, Teriyaki Chicken, Japanese Style “Makunouchi”


Delicate, Beautiful, Cool, Healthy

We provide Halal with most popular menus.
We offer various lunch boxes such as Tendon, teriyaki chicken, Yakiniku bento, and Japanese most well-known bento, called Makunouchi bento for your need.

Central kitchen

  • The entire kitchen of our company has been HALAL-certified, so there is no worry from the aspect of good hygiene.
  • All ingredients and seasonings used in the kitchen are HALAL.


Sightseeing / visitor

Business / Foreign student

Living in Japan